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countryside and public events' photography

Welcome to presentation of photographer Vaclav Novotny, born in 1967 in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech republic. Most of our photographing activities is connected to Jablonec, nearby Liberec and surrounding places.

Photography oddysey

I've been keen on photography and photos since I was young

With my very first camera Smena I used in my photographic beginning, I learnt the trivials of taking photos.

Later I got, form my father, better cameras: Flexaret and Weltax. I still have these cameras and often take photos with them.

Short capter with a camcorder

Later, I got through a six-year period making video shots with a Sharp camcorder, but soon after I came back to a photography again.

At the gates of professional digital photography

In 2004 my daughter and I won a 2Mpx digital compact camera cx 4200, which brought me, due to its great abilities, to the techniques of advanced photography.

After two years of using unseen possibilities of digital photography i have bought ultrazoom digital camera Panasonic FZ-50, which carried on leading me to the professional photography techniques.

My digital photography nowadays

Nowadays I use digital reflex camera Canon 450C with wide variety of accessories and, hopefully, I know, what photography and photographing is about.

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